Leader of the Christian Heritage Party of British Columbia
  • Candidate for Abbotsford South
CHP British Columbia - Life! Family! Freedom! - Abbotsford South

The COVID lockdown has crippled the economy. It’s time to restart BC’s engines! People need to work.

The cancel culture, biased media and compelled speech are robbing young people of the opportunity to hear and evaluate diverse opinions.


Parents are the first and primary caregivers and teachers of their own children. They must be allowed to fulfil those responsibilities.

Education dollars allocated to every BC student must be directed by parents to the public, private, charter or home school of their choice.

Medical professionals must have freedom of conscience. We support the Delta Hospice Society!

Fear of COVID must not override the principle of personal sovereignty. Medical treatments should never be forced on citizens.

Improve access to farm gate sales. Insist on product labelling: for country of origin, processes, GMOs and additives. Consumers deserve informed choice.

BC Taxpayers are currently funding harmful and irreversible elective surgeries and hormone treatments performed on minors. This must end.

Cross-border trade and travel are essential for healthy economies in both Canada and the US. Canadian businesses need unfettered access to US markets.

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